So yeah I was fukentagged by Fukendrinkin, which really fuken sucks let me fuken tell ya.

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Normally I would just fuken pretend like I didn’t know I was fuken tagged and don’t do it, but since I actually got fuken busted on this one…..I will give in. Fukenkudos.

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6 random things about me…….

~ I went to band camp once. No I did not play the flute.

~ I have arachnophobia. Spiders are about the only thing, if big enough, that can cripple me with anxiety.

~ I did not have arachnophobia until I watched the movie “Arachnophobia”. It is a trauma forced phobia.

~ Sometimes I expect the people in my life to perfect and when theY screw up I come down really hard on them. I realize this and am trying to fix it.

~ I have lived in Nebraska x 2, Texas x 2, Missouri, Georgia, Connecticut, South Carolina for a few weeks, and Florida x 2.

~ I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I once stepped on a large sewing needle and it inserted vertically into the middle/bottom of my foot 2 inches deep…straight in…not a single sob. I was once thrown off a horse (she was a real cunt) and drug by the reins ripping the shit of my fingers (I still have the scars, fortunately they are going away.) and face, not a single sob. She got smacked in the face for that shit though. I have had two c-sections. I started college for the first time 2 weeks after the second one, plus worked 2 part time jobs and a full.

Well that is that. Basically just a bunch of useless information. You may now return to your fun filled lives.

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I tag no one and no more tags. I mean it. I have a pit bull that will eat your testicle or breasticle for breakfast.

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Not really, but it expresses the seriousness of the situation.


~ by Mystery Inside on February 16, 2007.

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