I am in the process of transferring all my old blogs from blogger/myspace, so it may look like I am posting a million blogs a day. Not a chance. I am tiring of the myspace blogging thing and don’t know how much longer I will hold up there, but I still want to keep track of all my work so I am moving them here. Plus I noticed a myspace spy on my subscription list and I don’t want to chance them deleting me and losing everything. Just an FYI.


~ by Mystery Inside on February 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Moving”

  1. A myspace spy? They have spies? I wonder if I have one….

  2. There was a thing about it a while back. If you go through your sub list and find a profile that has no pic, got to it and you will see that they have no friends and they are only subbed to you. Their profile is incomplete and only used to observe what you have been writing. There was a thing on it a while back. I just block them which removes them from my sub list, but I really don’t want to get deleted. Let me know if you find any.

  3. Hi,
    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

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